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SECTION 58. Creation of Barangay Councils for the Protection of Children (BCPC) PDF Print E-mail

The Barangay Council shall create a Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC), the composition of which shall be determined by the former depending on the needs and circumstances in the area. The BCPC shall have the following functions: 

a.     To foster education of every child in the barangay; (To ensure that every child in the barangay acquires at least an elementary education);

b.     To encourage the proper performance of the duties of parents and provide learning opportunities on the adequate rearing of children and positive parent-child relationship;

c.     To report all cases of child abuse to the proper authorities;

d.     To protect and assist abandoned, maltreated and abused children and facilitate their cases filed against child abusers;

e.     To prevent child labor in their area and protect working children from abuse and exploitation;

f.        To take steps to prevent juvenile delinquency and to assist children with behavioral problems so that they can get expert advice;

g.     To adopt measures to promote the heath and nutrition of children;

h.      To promote the opening and maintenance of playgrounds and day care centers and other services that are necessary for child and youth welfare;

i.         To secure the cooperation of organizations devoted to the welfare of children and coordinate their activities;

j.         To promote wholesome entertainment in the community especially in movie houses;

k.      To assists parents whenever necessary in securing expert guidance counseling from the proper governmental or private welfare agencies;

l.         To advocate for the passage of child-friendly barangay ordinances in response to child-related issues and concerns;

m.   To prepare the barangay plans of action for children which address the needs of children in the community and ensure their integration into the Barangay Development Plan and implementation by the barangay; and

n.      To submit quarterly barangay accomplishment reports on the implementation of the plan to the MBCWC.    



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