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Balamban has rapidly grown into an industrial municipality, what with the shipbuilding industry located at Buanoy. More than a decade ago, this town was a mere 4th class municipality, but with our determination, coupled with a strong sense of responsibleness and whose vision for Balamban was and is, first and foremost, to uplift the economic life of our people, this once peopled with meager income town has become a multi-faceted 1st class municipality, boasting an internationally-known shipbuilding industry, thereby opening and giving jobs to thousands of workers from the community to the different municipalities, cities and provinces in the country.
As a result, Balamban is now the place to go, to live and spend the rest of the people's lives. This town has a lot to offer to the residents. Despite the progress it has earned through the years, it has remained a peaceful and beautiful town. The programs and activities of the LGU, as well as those important local policies, are designed to the needs of the constituents. These policies, programs and activities have been implemented and will be implemented in consonance to the welfare of the residents and constituents which is our top priority. What might be their expectations to this leadership for the coming years, there will be an open communication, a person-to person relationship, as we keep on reaching them for the general well-being and for the betterment of this municipality.

We are hopeful and positive that everything will be in its right place, and that our dearly beloved Balamban will reach the zenith of its vision and mission for the Balambanganons.




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